About Pavona Dolci


Starting with a single family recipe, Christina Sanini, Founder and CEO of Pavona Dolci, created a gluten free version of a family favorite. She calls them Pavona Cakes. It took over 8 months of trial and error to perfect the yummy flavor and texture. Every batch of cakes is made with an artisan gluten free flour blend and nut paste made from scratch. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible.

The first Pavona cake was almond. Soon to follow was pistachio, walnut, hazelnut and cashew. The toppings, organic spices and organic juices add additional depths of flavor. Not all the flavors are readily available. Some are seasonal or baked to order. Please email for more information.


Christina choose Pavona to represent her biggest chef inspirations -- her Catholic Mexican Grandma and Catholic Italian Nonnie. Pavona means peahen in Italian. The feminine of peacock. In Catholicism, the peacock is immortal. Pavona is a symbol of their spirits.